A Firm with a Strong Reputation in Trust and Tax Laws

Cone Marshall is a successful law company that was established by Geoffrey Cone and his partner Karen Marshall in 1999. It is situated in Auckland, New Zealand and has managed to serve a large number of clients over the years. Cone Marshall is the only law company in New Zealand that focuses in trust and tax management.

Additionally, they provide tax confidence and trustee services to various affiliated organizations. This firm works with family attorneys and advisors from distinct jurisdictions with an end goal of helping them provide the best solutions for their esteemed clients.


According to Crunchbase, with a vast experience in the law field, Karen Marshall and Geoffrey Cone have managed to give the right direction to Cone Marshall thus building a good reputation internationally. Initially before joining Cone Marshall, Karen worked in the commercial litigation department of one of the most reputable law firms in New Zealand. Later in 2005, she left the company to join Cone Marshall, where she was appointed the principal a year later.

Karen still serves the same position to date. On the other hand, Geoffrey Cone worked at a leading law company in Britain before moving to Auckland. He therefore resolved to start his own law company in 1999. Since he began practicing law, Mr. Cone has been providing a number of great services including trustee and trust management, international tax and trust planning. Read more: What You Should Know About Cone Marshal

Geoffrey’s Responses to Tax Transparency

In 2012, Geoffrey Cone gave amazing responses to a sensitive feature on foreign trusts. On his piece, he discussed how media coverage made New Zealand foreign trusts look like they only involved complex financial deals, exotic lands and the wealthy people.

Furthermore, he stated that just like other things, tax is even more mundane. Geoffrey Cone went ahead to say that New Zealand as a country is not a tax haven and it has never appeared on the OECD list.

He explained that tax havens do not impose nominal taxes and this has brought about lack of transparency, since there exists laws that inhibit governments to openly share information.

He also pointed out that New Zealand is one of the leading countries in tax transparency especially in handling foreign trusts. He went ahead to say that the same applies for the set requirements that trustees have to meet.

Learn more about Cone Marshall: http://www.iclg.co.uk/firms/cone-marshall/geoffrey-cone

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    The list Cone was referring to is an international list maintained by the OECD that marks tax havens in countries. He added that there are least or no chances of New Zealand featuring on the tax haven list. It so good for http://essay-writing-service.reviews/ to realize what has happened.

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