Alexandre Gama’s Communication Career

Alexandre Gama is a well-renowned entrepreneur who works in the communication and advertising industry in Brazil. He is the founder of the Neogama advertising agency where he serves as both the CEO and COO of the company. Mr. Gama’s work has been recognized to a point where Sao Paulo Museum exhibited his creative ads of 20 years since advertising is part of the popular integral culture in Brazil.

History of Mr. Gama’s Career

Alexandre Gama started his career at standard Ogilvy & Matter in 1982 as a creative and copywriter. He later moved to DM9 Company in 1990 where he served as a copywriter and creative director. He earned recognition and was the most awarded copywriter in Brazil during his generation. Mr. Gama worked in several other organizations and rose in high ranks before starting his company.

Equally important, Neogama is an award-winning advertising agency whereby it grew rapidly under the leadership of Alexandre Gama. He established the company in 1999 and it was the first advertising agency to win an award of the Lion in the Cannes Festival within its first year of establishment in Brazil. Additionally, the company has won numerous awards thereafter and continues to be one of the best advertising agencies in Brazil.