Bridget Scar – a Renowned Producer

Bridget Scar is a creative producer and a writer. She has been developing compelling contents on all platforms. She deals with digital content, augmented reality, virtual reality and interactive exhibition. She has been dealing with large audience both emotionally and intellectually.


Before engaging in creative production, Bridget was a seasoned Exec producer in advertising, animation and television. She had done this work for over 15 years. Throughout her career life, Bridget has engaged in creative development and technical production. Her products are drama, children animations, lifestyle, entertainment, and factual entertainment programming.


Currently, Bridget has taken the lead in content development, partnerships and strategy at the Calibri Studios. She is involved in daily development as well as collaborating with international broadcasters and project partners. Through her creative talent, she brings projects to life. Bridget founded the Calibri studios as a home for her ideas.


Bridget narrates to the ideamensch that she starts her typical day by meditation. This is usually her way of getting energized and focused. She affirms that she focuses on her objectives and maximizes on the morning hours to write down her creative content. She is able to write her original content through doing extensive research. The morning hours are her most productive time.


It is the projects that Bridget works with that brings her inspiration. For instance, through some of her projects, the users are provided with factual information of any happenings. Most of the stories she writes are real and allows people to understand history. The stories are usually drawn from people’s life experiences in their diverse communities and culture.


She looks at how technology can enable reality to users. She also tries to understand what needs to be realized in a story. It is also her duty to look for a team to realize what you have developed. Bridget is very excited about using technology for education, healing and affirming ways. Virtual reality can be exciting.


She is a productive entrepreneur who is nurturing her creative spirit. She takes some time out to gain some inspiration, encouraged in her creativity and in other better ideas. She is ever working hard to get the fear out of her. She is on a trust journey and believes in God.


Bridget is a family woman who loves taking meals and staying close to her family. She has been blessed with one son. She loves spending her leisure time wisely.


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