Conquering the World of Business- Malini Saba

Malini Saba was born in a middle-class family whose parents originated from Sri Lanka. I was born in Malaysia in a region known as Kuala Lumpur. Later at the age of 19, I moved to the United States and with only $200 to survive in the foreign country.

Starting from scratch with little income was not very smooth for us. The apartment we lived was by the trail way, and it was very uncomfortable when the train passed because the house had to be shaken. The humble beginnings gave the foundation of what I wanted to achieve in life. The University OF Stanford gave me an opportunity to attend free lectures because my former husband was a student at the institution. I was an ambitious woman and had the dreams to make in life, so I was interested in investment, I took every opportunity I got and attend investments conferences talked to the bankers and from their advice I got an insight of how to invest the little cash I had saved. With the savings and the information I received, I started investing in the real estate industry, supplies, and communications sector.

Besides being a famous investment woman in the world Malini Saba is a passionate philanthropist. In 2011 I established Stree, a non-profitable organization that invests in women internationally. The primary reason for founding Stree was to change how women and children who are at risk and have a little income view themselves in the society. The organization was inaugurated by the then United States of America president and the Noor the Queen of Jordan. Stree provides children accessible healthcare. For women, the organization offers them legal empowerment, healthcare, and also a forum for grassroots movements that will assist them to connect to with public policy in India, Africa Central America as well as Eastern Europe. In my charitable activities, I am also involved in the fight for human rights and advocacy in countries including India, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia.

I believe women have the power to make the world better if we stand united and work together regardless of our race, social status, religion or even our size. Today I can proudly stand and say I am a top investor in the world. My company, Saban, holds various investments concern wide-reaching including oil and gas businesses in China, technology enterprises in the U.S, as well as real estates firms in India and Australia.


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    My husband and I studied at the Stanford University campus and to make ends meet we rented a house around the University area. I believe in assisting others through the charity deeds I do, and this has helped me succeed in life. It is very wrong for review to get out what is not good in from of them all the time.

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