Cotemar Mexico Moving Forward

Cotemar Mexico is a high class firm that specializes in providing services for those engaged in the highly lucrative offshore petroleum industry. Cotemar Mexico is happy that it has such a quality reputation and experience with helping Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX). There are many demanding variables associated with getting petroleum above ground when it is under water. Cotemar Mexico is an essential link in the transportation chain. Their vessels are heavily inspected, and useful for moving people back and forward from their various operations.

Cotemar Mexico helps customers modernize their oil rigs. During the threat of a hurricane, there is nothing more important than making sure that your equipment is up to the highest standards. Cotemar Mexico’s team is highly professional, and they know how to fix up oil rigs so that they will function properly. When PEMEX needs help making oil rigs work properly, Cotemar Mexico is on the job.

Cotemar Mexico takes good care of all their staff. Onboard, there is quality food services people who can give you a tasty meal when you are working on fixing an oil rig. The transportation vessels are also highly maintained. Cotemar Mexico is happy to provide work for over 8000 employees. Cotemar Mexico operates over 30 vessels in its various assignments of keeping the Mexican petroleum economy booming.

The necessity of being sustainable has prompted Cotemar Mexico to demand high standards from all of its employees. While many may look down upon a company from South of the Border, the low costs and skilled staff of Cotemar Mexico can easily silence any objections that critics may have. When you choose to employ Cotemar Mexico, you are employing the best.

Food services, in particular, is something that many employees of Cotemar Mexico are very happy about. There is nothing like riding aboard your vessel, catching your next job, while munching some delicious Mexican food. The benefits of working for Cotemar Mexico are many, and delicious cuisine is a major one.

If you want to learn more and connect with possible job opportunities, feel free to call us at 938 3811400.

Our team is professional, and the cost margin is low compared to typical North American oil rig maintenance companies. See:

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