Doe Deere, Gives Advice On The Secret To Success

Many people strive to be successful, but the keys to success doesn’t seem to be opening any doors. Do you have a invention or idea you would like to brand? Successful female entrepreneur, Doe Deere, give advice on the keys to being accomplished with a few easy steps. You wouldn’t believe this petite young lady is actually the face behind the Lime Crime brand. Deere, also is a marketing expert, and technology professional. She believes it also important for Galore beauty magazine online readers to know her dream came to fruition through receiving her design school certification from a popular design school in New York City.


As a child, Deere, loved experimenting with color from wearing her mother’s makeup, and clothes. On most days, she would be impressed with her choice of clothes, and cosmetics, but something was missing. She soon discovered it was the color scheme, and she needed more intricate colors during dress-up time. Those times would also play an important part in creating her cosmetics ( Her unconventional ideas about color were not popular among her peers, but they quickly realized her dreams after she perfected her craft in design school. Today, her dazzling cosmetics remain in of the most preferred brands in the industry with completely unmatched colors with big name competitors cosmetic designers.


In taking risks to be successful in business, Doe Deere, was one of the first cosmetic designers to try the super-foil matte formula as a base for her cosmetics. Others brands were soon to follow unable to compete with her idea of colors. Lime Crime us based with velvetine matte, and goes on smooth while drying to a perfected mold to accent your best features. Enhance your best features with the unique color of LC cosmetics proudly designed to be easy to find in the bottom of a cluttered purse.


As an animal lover, Deere promises her cosmetics will never be tested on animals, and always be cruelty-free. She has taken the self initiative to serve the local stray/homeless cat population in Los Angeles. She expanded on her Lime Crime brand with a new Purr line with 5 buttery colors in a cute new palette (. A portion of the proceeds will go towards training, socializing, permanently housing, and litter training rescue pets. Her new Purr line has had success standing as its own brand, and has saved the lives of hundreds of local desperate pets.


Deere, also says, being successful requires valuing the time people towards your product, or brand over their money. Deere admits she wants her cosmetics to inspire girls, and guys around the world to be bold about their unique identity. Her products are 100% waterproof, and completely hypoallergenic, and safe for all skin types including sensitive skin. YouTube provides great testimonials from other users worldwide on great ways to mix, match, and blend LC cosmetics. You wouldn’t find her products in most department stores, but you can find it in the beauty care aisle of select participating Bloomingdale’s.