Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer

According to globo, Eduardo Melzer Sirotsky is the President and Chairman of the RBS Group, a leading multimedia communications company in Brazil. Melzer is also a shareholder and chairman of Bricks Ventures, a private equity and venture capital business that operates in Brazil as well as other International markets.

In an article on economia, Eduardo Melzer studied at the Rio Grande do Sul Pontifical Catholic University where he marked off a Business Administration degree. He also learned at the Harvard University where he earned MBA certification. At the Harvard, he also learned valuable policy for Media Companies Building and Efficient Customer Centric Organizations.

His career began when he worked as the franchising and financial marketer of the Sweet Way International. He also served at Hamilton and Booz Allen. He also worked in the United States as the Delphi Corporation senior analyst and Box Top Media chief executive officer.

He started serving as the RBS Group president and chairman after the step down of the then RBS Group’s Board Director Nelson Sirotsky. Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is a member of an elite business family in Brazil. His late grandfather Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho was the original initiator of the RBS Group.

At the RBS Group, he has served many positions including National Market Director General, Business and Market Development, Vice President as well as the RBS Group Executive Vice President. Eduardo is a recognized international speaker in global forums like the WAN-Infra (News Publishers) and the Newspapers World Association. He has also collaborated with the Institute of Business Studies (IEERS) and the Brazilian Advertisers Association.

He has also served at the National Congress of Human Resources and the Brazilian Human Resources Association. His outstanding work has been acknowledged through the Caboré Award in Vehicle Professional category. He was also recognized as the most Professional figure in the Brazilian Advertising Association. He also received the Regional Management Council Administration Merit Award.

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