Equities First Holdings: Providing Liquidity at Your Convenience

What does Equities major in?

Instability in the economies of many countries has resulted in many business closing. In addition, lack of sufficient capital by many enterprises has led them to be stagnant in their development. Equities First, is a company that focusses on providing alternative funding to businesses and high net worth individuals all over the world.

Equities first provide on- purpose capital to individual investors and companies. Non- purpose capital is a type of loan that uses pledged security, investment portfolio, as collateral for the given loans.This kind of loan allows business persons to use the capital provided as they want with the exemption of using it to trade for securities.

This loan also has a much lower interest rate compared to the other traditional loan services such as loans provided by banks. Due to this, Equities first has been able to provide loans to investors and business that amount to almost 1.4 billion dollars.

Benefactors of Equity

Individual investors with high net worth enterprise business have benefitted from this loan services. Equity first has efficiently developed its loan services with attractive terms. The cost of capital is much lower compared to other loan- lending institutions. The loans are also availed to the investors at a much faster rate. This provides investors with the right amount of capital to carry out their day to day business operation at the right time and more information resume him.

Although it is located in Indianapolis in the United States of America, Equity first has been able to provide loans to companies and investors all over the world. It has offices in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Thailand, Switzerland, and Australia. Through these offices, Equity first has been able to offer liquidity to most companies and investors efficiently. Currently, it boasts of over 600 financial transactions done since its inception and other click here.

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