Fast Company Sheds Light on How EOS’ Lip Balm Ended Up Dominating Markets

Beauty fanatics and non-fans alike knew about Chapstick’s lip balms for over a hundred years. When walking around the supermarket shelves or drug stores, you could be so quick to spot the cylindrical tube, with alternative flavors of cherry and mint for people who did not love the “original” piece. Although people had become accustomed, it was not to last longer, as a true Evolution of Smooth was to get splashed all over the media.

The brand, commonly known as EOS (, begun popping into the apparently saturated market, and seemed to dominate. They also came with a broad range of natural flavors, probably a reason why they took over the Walgreens, Target and Walmart supermarket shelves. At some point, famous celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Christina Aguilera were spotted using the products, a sign of full embracement.

Incredible Growth Realized by EOS so Far

The Lip Balm company’s leadership disclosed that company creation cost them $250million, and the markets created as at now are worth the bargain. Currently, the brand sells over a million pieces in a week. It has also risen to take the position of the second-best selling company nationwide. With the current trend, the company projects to have grown its markets to $2 billion by 2020, which is bound to be.


The conception of EOS lip balm was by a trio comprising of Mehra, Jonathan, and Craig. They joined up and thought of how they could revamp the oral care industry. They had all had adequate experience in some of the highly regarded companies in the nation. On evaluating, they realized that most products saturating the markets were as old as their decade-old predecessors. Although most of the brands competed by regulating price, they pioneered something whose quality was outstanding, hence the quick popularization.


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