Freedom Debt Relief reviews: A Confirmation That the Company has Stayed True to Its Mission

Once you have established that debt settlement is the right path to take as far as your debt relief options are concerned, you have another important decision to make: hiring the best company. There are many debt settlement firms that make attractive promises but unfortunately have a reputation of not keeping their promises. To land a good company, you need to do a thorough background check to ensure that you get the best settlement deal.

One way to know the reputation of a company is looking at their customer reviews—many positive client reviews is good indicator that a company is reputable. In the debt settlement realm, one company that enjoys great reviews and that is worth partnering with is the Freedom Debt Relief. Here are some of their most touching reviews from their clients:

Caitlin & Walt

  • Caitlin’s writes on Freedom Debt Relief Reviews : I have had a chance to try various debt settlements companies but most of them charged ridiculous monthly payments and I had to quit and find favorable alternatives. Freedom Debt Relief was, however, different. They were easy to work with and I didn’t have to spend hours on the phone trying to explain my situation.
  • Walt writes on Freedom Debt Relief Reviews: My debt settlement has become much simpler: I only make a low monthly payment and Freedom Debt Relief handles the rest. This is one of the companies that I can comfortably recommend to anyone who finds him or herself in an unfavorable financial situation.

Freedom Debt Relief is San Mateo, California based debt resolution company. Their mission is to provide world-class financial solutions and advice that will enable their clients to reduce their debts, build wealth, and gain the much needed financial freedom. The above reviews and hundreds of other rave Freedom Debt Relief reviews that are available online is an indication that the company has stayed true to its mission. Since its inception, Freedom Debt Relief has grown tremendously and boasts of resolving debts for over 400,000 clients.