Getting To Know OSI Group

Tyson Foods, JBS and Cargill Meat Solution Corporation, to name a few, these are the companies that OSI Group competes with in the food industry. The company has its headquarters at 1225 Corporate Blvd Ste 300 Aurora, Illinois. Surprisingly enough, the firm has not changed its corporate headquarters since the year 1909 when the company was established.

In a recent study, OSI Group was ranked as the 58th largest privately owned company in the world. The company has embraced technology is an effort to become the best company in the food industry. For this reason, OSI Group has social media accounts where it keeps its customers up to date with the latest developments. With these accounts, it’s also possible to answer customers’ queries and complaints promptly.

OSI Group has a diverse menu that comprises of several products such as bacon, hot dogs, chicken nuggets as well as sausages and beef patties. The company also has other products like pork, vegetable products, and dough products. Since time immemorial, the company has acted as the largest meat supplier for the McDonalds. Some of the services that they specialize in include packaging, contract manufacturing as well as supply management. These services have enabled the company to establish over 65 production facilities that are spread over 17 countries.

In the Far East countries of China and Japan, OSI Group is known to supply meat to the western companies operating in these nations. These companies include the likes of Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza and Starbucks as well as Subway. Because of its environmental awareness, OSI Group has been recognized with several awards such as the management of health and safety risks. Some of their most notable plants are found in Geneva, Chicago, Riverside, California, and Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. They also have plants in Oakland, Iowa and West Jordan, Utah.

According to the Forbes, the OSI Group generated a revenue of $6. 1 billion in the year 2016. OSI is believed to have an employee base of around 20,000 people worldwide. Recently, OI Group announced that they had acquired the Baho Food. This is part of its global expansion as well as putting a mark in Europe. The company will be in charge of all operations but will allow the board and workers of this firm to remain on board. The chief executive officer and chief operating officer of this company is Sheldon Lavin and Sherry DeMeulenaure.

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