Helping Prevent Crimes with Securus Technologies

My team of corrections officers are always working hard to maintain order inside our prison, but sometimes we even help local law enforcement to prevent crimes throughout the city. We spend a considerable amount of time each day trying to keep any contraband out of the hands of the inmates so they are not a danger to themselves or putting visitors, staff, and officers in harm’s way.


One of the tools that we use in those efforts is the inmate call monitoring system that was placed in this facility by Securus Technologies. The company is based in Dallas Texas, and the 1,000 employees under CEO Richard Smith say they are working towards making this work a safer place for each of us. These monitoring systems are currently in over 2,500 jails and helping to maintain order in an efficient manner.


We were recently approached by a team of local law enforcement officers, wondering if we could pay close attention to gang conversations on the phone to help them to prevent more crimes in the city. The city was seeing a huge spike in crimes, and even though the gang leaders were behind bars, the police still thought they were pulling the strings, but could not get solid information to prove it.


While the officers were in our facility, we took them to see exactly how the call monitoring system worked. We plugged information into the LBS software, and within hours we got an alert when a high-ranking gang member was on the phone talking about orders his street soldiers needed to take care of. Although the verbiage was odd to me and my team, the local officers understood exactly what was being asked and they were able to collect enough evidence to stop a wave of new crimes from being committed.