How CEO Roberto Santiago Has Led Manaira Shopping Mall

Manaira Shopping Mall is a mall in Joao Pessoa, Brazil. It is one of the biggest malls in the nation and has something to offer just about everyone. It is open 10AM to 10PM every day of the week, except Saturday’s when it stays open for an extra half-hour. It was founded by the entrepreneur Roberto Santiago who completed it in 1989. He serves as the mall’s chief executive officer. He also owns and operates another mall in the same city called Mangabeira Shopping Mall which has also been very successful at drawing in customers.

Roberto Santiago has invested in a number of industries beyond shopping malls. After earning a business administration undergraduate degree at the University Centre of Jaoa Pessoa, he found a job at Cafe Santa Rosa. This is a business that creates decor for homes and businesses. After a few years he decided to start his own business and so he launched a company that designed and manufactured cardboard boxes for businesses in Brazil. This company was highly successful and after a number of years he decided to invest in real estate which is when he got the idea for Manaira Shopping Mall.

After he bought land in Joao Pessoa he developed the mall. It took about two years to build and now has 280 stores in it selling every type of good.

Manaira Shopping Mall was a hit with consumers in Joao Pessoa from the day it opened its doors. Roberto Santiago wanted people to often visit the mall for reasons other than shopping so he packed it with entertainment options. The theater is kept up to date with the latest technology and offers a great way to view a movie, for instance. There is also a large arcade that has a bowling alley attached to it which has proven very popular as well as an area to play laser tag.

Roberto Santiago has upgraded the mall a number of times since opening it. The biggest addition came in 2009 when he put Domus Hall on Manaira Shopping Mall’s roof. This is a concert hall with enough space to hold 10,000 people. Like everything else at this mall, Roberto Santiago made sure to make this space customizable. Beyond concerts it has also had trade shows, many weddings, art exhibits, and other events. The bottom floor of the mall has a giant nightclub as well as rooms that are used for private events.

Over the past 20 years, Roberto Santiago has led the team that manages the wall. He has a strategic vision for both malls that he follows in order to have them succeed as businesses. In 2015 Brazil’s economy had a huge crisis but his leadership meant that his malls were barely effected by it, for example.