How EOS Came In and Rocked the Lip Balm World

EOS lip balms are the fun way to protect your lips! Until Evolution of Smooth, the lip balm world was limited, and pretty boring. Chapstick, original flavor, was the top lip balm choice, and with competition by the name of Blistex, there is little wonder why the brand led the way for more than 100 years. But then, EOS began creating a new lip balm. The EOS creators wanted something new; something more than what Chapstick or Blistex offered. The product creators didn’t rush into production. Instead, they listened to the desires of millennials, and before long, produced a fun lip balm that Walgreens and Target agreed to sell. After an Elle magazine editor discovered the cool EOS orb, things forever changed for the brand, and millennials who were looking for something different in their lip balm.

EOS lip balms are made with natural ingredients that soothe and soften the lips with a hint of shea butter. There’s no parabens in the lip balms, and with eight fun flavors like Vanilla Bean and Pomegranate Raspberry, Honeydew,, you’ll always get a product that makes your lips happy. EOS offers an organic line, and a shimmers line in addition to the smooth spheres line. At a price of about $3 an orb, you’ll want one of each of the awesome EOS lip balms in your bag.

EOS is now the second-leading lip balm brand in the U.S., selling more than one million orbs of balm per week. They achieved this feat in just seven short years. How did EOS accomplish something so great so quickly? They listened, and nothing in the world is more important as a business leader.

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    One of thing remains unique to me about Evolution of Smooth and that one thing alone has made me spread good news about EOS. Indeed their are other lip balms with parabens and always making the lips dry. No wonder has given a good review about their services which has helped lots of clients. They have satisfied their customers which have made them leave positive feedbacks. An amazing thing thing about EOS is that it won’t leak your pocket.

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