Kim Dao Gets Injected

Yes, Kim Dao gets injected on a popular YouTube video. But first, for those not yet familiar with the lady in question, a bit of background. Dao is a native Australian Vietnamese beauty vlogger known best for her eponymous blog and her YouTube channel.


Dao is from Perth. After graduating from high school, she attended the University of Western Australia. She graduated with a degree in Japanese and psychology.


She is very interested in beauty. Thus, Dao posts a lot of content on the internet related to that subject. She shares her beauty tutorials, lookbooks, and vlogs.


In one such video she receives a skin treatment injection. Prior to showing the actual treatment process, she says she has never before received such a skin care treatment. Sans makeup, she arrives via cab for her appointment.


Next Dao speaks with a consultant. The consultant presents her with a bag of different product samples. The bag is given to all of the clinic’s customers and even includes an adapter.

Receiving the adapter is a fortunate turn of events since Dao had forgotten hers. The adviser suggests a specific treatment for Dao’s dry skin. She then is taken to a room where a doctor photographs her skin in order to help determine the best way to treat her skin.


She has a full consultation with the doctor. They discuss her skin and the method of treatment. She is taken into another area and the treatment begins. When it is finished Dao appears to have a softer, fresher complexion.

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