Lime Crime: Empowering Makeup In Crazy Sensual Shades

The first thing you notice when you meet Doe Deere is her love of bold color. Whether it’s her now lavender locks, vibrant feminine fabrics or beautiful doll makeup, she turns heads.


The Russian born businesswoman sat down with to talk about her steady climb to the top in the super competitive cosmetics industry. There she was, a young New York City transplant who had the nerve, fearlessness and drive to launch her own makeup company Lime Crime as a young adult.


Doe Deere knew that the giant companies had controlled the makeup looks and attitudes for decades now, but she saw an open category that no cosmetics label was filling, so she just went full steam ahead.


She was always a creative soul with a whimsical nature and enjoyed playing with bright colors as a young girl. She loved beauty and fashion and even developed an entrepreneurial spirit at an early age, selling classmates temporary tattoos at 13.


Doe Deere was surprised she couldn’t find much vivid makeup while living in a huge city like NYC. It was then, that she planned a way to develop her independent brand. Lime Crime offers makeup in the wildest and sexiest colors imaginable. It is those unique color palettes that have won Doe Deere a large global community. Obsessed makeup fans share her love of edgy cosmetics, and Lime Crime is becoming a cult favorite.


At the moment, Lime Crime’s Instagram page boasts more than 2.8 million followers and growing like wildfire. Women and men alike, are attracted to luscious liquid matte lipsticks in shades of blue, green, yellow, gray, orange, burgundy, black, etc.


Doe Deere is computer savvy and understands the value in social media interaction. She’s had much success creating her brand on e-commerce, which maintains cutthroat competition. Doe Deere feels equipped and safe to forge ahead with her husband Mark in her corner. The pair met when Doe Deere joined a band in NYC, as she pursued other creative endeavors.


Beige traditional cosmetics will always have their seat at the makeup vanity, but Doe Deere knows that other women share her zest for life with in your face cosmetics that feature quality pigments and sexy details. Lime Crime offers dazzle, naughtiness and makeup that empowers whomever puts it on. The modern lipsticks, shadows and liners are so bold, you make a statement, your own definition of beauty.