Mobility Authority-Keeping the Cars Moving

Congestion can be a real issue in the Austin area and the Mobility Authority has plans to solve it with the help of technology. The Mobility Authority has built the 183A Toll road in Cedar Park and Leander and the U.S. 290 toll road between Austin and Manor. These toll roads have greatly transformed the communities nearby and has allowed for triple capacity on the new roads.


Mobility Authority is a local agency and has been created by the good people of the Williamson and Travis counties. They are on a mission to make traffic issued improve through innovation and are dedicated to road improvement.


Mobility Authority have teamed with Metropia and Carma in order to create apps that will provide current alternative routes for commuters and encourage carpooling. There is an astonishing 900,000 empty seats that commute on the Austin area roads every single day and if those seats were filled, congestion would be greatly reduced.


The new MoPac Express Lanes that Mobility Authority is working on will provide variable tolling that utilizes sophisticated technology to help keep traffic under control. It is impossible to eliminate congestion entirely but it is very possible to control it to an extent. Variable tolling rates will help to synchronize supply and demand in order to better predict the flow of traffic. Mobility Authority wants to make sure that the Express Lane keeps moving during rush hour even when the rest of the lanes are not.


Mike Heiligenstein is a vocal advocate for cyclists and pedestrians and works hard to ensure that there are the facilities available to accommodate them. he is the Executive director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority which is a transportation agency that is nationally known. He has served 30 years as a public official including council member of Round Rock City and commissioner of Williamson County.


The Stateman has found that there is a congestion problem created by a lot of stopping and starting on busy roadways and many times it is caused by minor breakdowns. Getting these vehicles off the road quickly can greatly reduce congestion so the Highway Emergency Response Operator (HERO) program is offering free roadside assistance to stranded motorists.


Mike Heiligenstein is very focused on infrastructure projects and has been a founding member and board member of the Envision Central Texas Project as well as vice chair of the Austin-San Antonio Corridor Council.


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