OSI Group Receives The Globe Of Honor Award For 2016

The British Safety Council has awarded OSI Food Solutions with the Globe of Honor Award for 2016. The company received the prestigious award because of its extraordinary environmental risk management strategies. OSI Food Solutions was presented with the award at Drapers’ Hall, London, during an awards luncheon hosted by British Safety Council.

During the luncheon, the Council awarded 18 other organizations with similar awards. All these organizations had exhibited excellence in managing environmental risks in the past one year. Such recognition was made to ensure that all companies are conscious about the environment. All the companies that were awarded had received five stars based on the council’s environmental management audit scheme.

British Safety Council audits different firms to establish their environmental risk management performance. The audit committee then awards each organization scores based on a star-based system. Excellent management earns a company the maximum 5-star rating. All the companies that were nominated for this year’s Globe of Honor had a score of five.

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Speaking during the award ceremony, Lynda Armstrong, OBE, congratulated OSI Food Solutions UK Ltd for its exemplary performance. The chair of the British Safety Council went further to point out that the winners of the award should not water down the extraordinary work done by OSI. The company has given environmental protection the same effort that it is giving safety and health concerns. Such undertakings have ensured that the company’s operations are sustainable. Lynda contended that she was pleased with the efforts that many companies were putting towards environmental management and hopes that more firms will follow suit.

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Mike Robinson, who also presented OSI Group‘s environmental manager, Kelly Grimwood, with the award, pointed at the need for companies to embrace transformative leadership in order to achieve the environmental goals. He noted that, although governments can legislate for compliance, inspiring people towards the same should be more important, thus the need for real stewardship. The British Safety Council also recognized the work that OSI’s leadership had put towards enhancing exemplary environmental risk management.

OSI is also an equal opportunity employer. The company recruits both graduates and experienced job seekers who identify with its vision. The employment criteria used by the corporation is not gender-biased, as it encourages both men and women to apply for available opportunities.

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