The Ongoing Success of Goettl Air Conditioning Despite Bumps in the Road

Goettl Air Conditioning has been the byword when it comes to air conditioning in the desert Southwest. Brothers Adam and Gust Goettl started the company in 1932 and were the first to introduce evaporative cooling and refrigerated air conditioning to the hot, dry desert communities.

Currently located in Phoenix, Tucson, and Las Vegas Goettl has provided service to four generations of families which counted on the company to secure a lifestyle previously unknown in a dreadfully hot part of the country.

Recently, however, conditions at Goettl took a downturn as customers were very dissatisfied and employees were having a rough time of things as well. In the nineties, Goettl was purchased by a large national management firm which just never got a grip on things. They never mastered the art of dealing with all of the details that must be handled daily for a regional company like Goettl.

In 2013 Ken Goodrich purchased Goettl and things began to change for the better. Goodrich has spent his entire business career resurrecting failing businesses and bringing them back to life. However, with Goettl he had some interesting challenges such as a lawsuit stemming from possible questionable prior business practices and terrible frustrations from customers and employees alike.

Goodrich immediately launched a visiting campaign with customers and employees and rebuilt the company one person and family at a time. He instituted a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on all products, sales, repairs, parts – everything. “If the customers are not happy and satisfied, then you don’t have a business”, he stated. For more details visit LinkedIn.

The results speak for themselves as annual revenues are in the $50 million range and customer satisfaction is at an all-time high. Check out his Vimeo account to see more.

The BizJournals chronicled quite well a recent acquisition made by Goodrich where Goettl acquires Walton Heating and Air in Southern California. Goettl has always been in the residential markets as a whole, while Walton’s has focused on the commercial HVAC markets. Both companies have been able to contribute their strengths and the match-up has been a good one.

Todd Longbrake, former owner of Walton’s has been retained as Sales Manager for the entire company and field supervisor as well. According to Goodrich, Longbrake assimilated immediately into the culture of the company and is a leader with his long experience and knowledge.

Now Goettl has a reach into a new and prosperous territory and the HVAC experience from Walton’s has benefited the entire company.

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Igor Cornelsen Highlights The Basics For Investing In Brazil

At the end of 2014, the global banking industry was surprised with the variance of Brazil’s banks. While banks often suffer along with troubled economies, Brazil’s top banks, including Banco Bradesco and Itau Unibanco’s shares prices increased in 2014 despite of the lack of economic growth in Brazil under the populist policies of Dilma Roussef. The country was also troubled at the end 2014. Noteworthy, Bradesco’ and Itau’s profits increased by 28 percent and 36 percent respectively.

According to Igor Cornelsen, a top Brazilian investment expert and banker, the Brazilian banks weathered the storm because of their knowledge of the market. Their experience over other troubled economic periods was also important.

Cornelsen said that Brazilian banks, particularly those in the private sector were lending to borrowers who are most credit worthy. This situation allows such banks to streamline their costs and offer them a greater sense of security.

Moreover, it means that individuals who have less desirable credit have to borrow from public sector banks or forego their plans. This process may be a challenge to the macro-economy and development of a country. Igor Cornelsen notes that the best thing that the Brazilian authority could do to enable the investors to feel more secure is instilling more market-oriented reforms.

Despite of Brazil’s challenges, Igor Cornelsen is of the view that there are a lot of other reasons that make Brazil the most attractive market in the region. The country has an abundance of natural resources and a rising demand for infrastructure development. It is also among the world’s leading food producers and the biggest in South America.

Before looking at any investment in Brazil, Cornelsen suggests that investors should know the basics. To this end, Cornelsen has developed an easy profile for busy investors to look at prior to investing in Brazilian stocks. Read more: Adicione uma descrição a este tópico

Cornelsen explains that 10 major players in the Brazilian banking industry support the eight largest economies in the world. Additionally, the current finance minister is a shrewd policymaker and a supporter of the private sector. He holds a different view of fiscal reform from President Roussef.

The other important suggestion from Cornelsen is that potential investors should pay close attention to China because it is the largest trading partner with Brazil. Moreover, they should also focus on the real value of the real, the Brazilian currency. This information was originally mentioned on

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Fabletics Makes the Connection With Customers

Fabletics is becoming the company that people are noticing if they are in the market for athletic clothing. This company has managed to provide consumers with some of the most colorful and comfortable clothes on the market today. There certainly is a large amount of interest in this company because it has become connected to a business leader that has a forward-thinking notion for this company.

Kate Hudson knows the direction that she wants to take Fabletics in, and she has a hands on approach to making the most of this company that she is presenting to the mainstream. People are getting the opportunity to see exactly what Fabletics brings to the table. They get the chance to see how Kate Hudson is going to put this company into the role of one of the top companies around. She has put her mind towards bringing forth a whole line of athletic clothing that is different from what everyone else has been seeing before.

Kate Hudson realizes that a large part of the growth that Fabletics has is based on the primarily of her customers. She knows that people that sign up for the automated shipment of clothes on a monthly basis are going to be stable customers. When they become this interested in the brand it shows one thing: it is sure fire proof that the customers are pleased enough with this brand to accept these clothes on a regular basis based on your previous experiences. This is where Kate Hudson would like to get everybody with Fabletics. The VIP membership where people take the style quiz and sign up for clothes on a monthly basis is something that secures revenue for Fabletics. Kate knows that when she gets the customers in this place they are going to be paid subscribers to get clothing sent directly to their homes on a regular basis. They may make a choice to order or go to the store and buy more clothes if they desire to do so, but the automated shipment is an automatic purchase for 12 months in the year.


Kate realizes that if she can get more people to sign up for this VIP membership that she has a greater chance of making her company even greater. Right now Fabletics is already grossing more than $250 million dollars annually. These are very impressive numbers for a website that only has a physical few stores in place.


Now that Kate has been able to grow Fabletics as well as she has there is a great opportunity for even more progression in the near future. Kate has her mind bent towards the probability of growth that involves more physical stores. She knows that getting more physical stores may be quick to more consistent customers. She realizes that this is going to increase the cost of operating, but she believes that the profits and end results may be so much greater that is why she has in mind on increasing her consumer base.

Daniel Taub Says His Faith Helped Him Out As an Ambassador

Daniel Taub came to England with a storm. He was the brand new ambassador to the United Kingdom from Israel. However, he was actually born in England! He made aliyah to Israel at a later time. When he presented his credentials to the queen, he imparted a message that was loud and clear. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

He wore his Kippah, which was an obvious way of showing that he had a higher authority, that he had moral principles that he would never overstep, and that he believed in something strongly.

Since he was born in England, he at one time was a British citizen. However, the truth is that in order to become an ambassador, he had to give up his British citizenship. When presenting his credentials to the Queen, the Queen asked him what it felt like to serve as an ambassador to his home country. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

His answer was that he was delighted to help bring both countries together and find out ways to benefit both of them. He had strong feelings for both countries, he explained. Israel was the country where he was rooted in, and where his people have had a connection for two thousand years. Britain is a country where he grew up in and where his family had a connection.

Daniel Taub has definitely achieved his objective. Relations between the two countries have never been stronger. During his four years as an ambassador, both Israel and Britain went through some trying times.

The Middle East was in turmoil, and Iran was causing trouble. However, Daniel Taub filled his role in the best possible manner. He built many bridges, and he says that his faith certainly helped him build those bridges. He was considered the most popular ambassador from Britain to the United Kingdom since Shlomo Argov was an ambassador in the 1960s.

He said that his main role was to explain the position of the Israeli government on various issues, and he did that to the best of his ability. He was also very active against antisemitism. He worked with many people to bring the two countries together.

Talk Fusion Puts a New Emphasis on Learning

Talk Fusion has earned their reputation as an innovative company. As such, it’s little surprise that the company has brought another new idea to the market. The most surprising part of the announcement relates to the target market. The new program, Talk Fusion University, isn’t a consumer facing service. One can expect the benefits of the program to eventually help customers. However, the main focus of Talk Fusion University is Talk Fusion affiliates. The program is the brainchild of Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina. He’s widely known as an innovative genius and he has the results to prove it. But Reina is adamant that success is something that can be taught. Learn more:


Reina is well known for his philanthropic and charitable endeavors. For example, he’s put considerable work into making sure the Talk Fusion platform can be a good match for charities. This time around he’s putting an emphasis on helping the people closest to him. To be sure, there’s a benefit for the company as well. The Talk Fusion University program is intended to take people from an average skill level right into the realm of the extrodinary. It’s easy to see the benefit that Talk Fusion will receive from having such a massive increase in their staff.


One of the most significant differences between Talk Fusion University and other programs with the same end goal is solid results. Reina is someone who was able to take an idea and turn it into a vastly successful company. It’s obvious that he knows what goes into success. The fact that he’s interested in sharing that knowlege should be seen as a rare chance to tap into a wellspring of creativity.


Evidence of that successful creative spirit can be seen with Talk Fusion itself. It was created back in 2007 at a time when multimedia was in a very messy state. Reina knew that that something needed to be done to compensate for the rapid fragmentation he was seeing within the telecommunications industry. He pushed against that trend by creating a fully unified multimedia platform. Today this platform is used by people in all walks of life. From people putting together marketing campaigns, to charities and even proud grandparents who want to keep in touch with their family. Talk Fusion has proven invaluable for people looking for ways to make their communication more vibrant and powerful.


Todd Lubar- an Entrepreneur who is Passionate about Smart Homes

The millennial generation entrepreneurs differ from the prior definition of an entrepreneur which meant that you want to be your own boss. The millennial definition is about improving each other rather than being only interested in finances. One thing that both groups can agree on to be successful is the personality traits which are; persistence, dedication, inquisitiveness, transparency, and being ready for failure.

Todd Lubar is a millennial entrepreneur to emulate when it comes to Smart Homes. He believes that all homes will be smart homes. Smart homes come handy as a category of home furnishings and devices pair with smart devices which help the owner to control their home from any part of the world. This is important especially to the disabled since they can simply command electronics, for instance, control of temperatures, closing, and opening doors. Since Todd is based in Baltimore, he has turned unused structures into smart homes and living spaces.

Todd Lubar is currently serving TDL Global Ventures as its president. He is the senior president of Legendary Investment. Todd has been an asset to the company by ensuring that the firm increases its ability to rehabilitate, buy, sell, and make profits from different types of homes.

Todd Lubar studied at Syracuse University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication. His career debuted in 1995 in mortgage industry at Mortgage Corporation until 1999. See his profile on

Todd Lubar gained an equity role in Legacy Financial Group which helped him to grow financially by offering investors with broker loans. He then developed a passion for other business types like the recycling of scrap metal and commercial demolition.

Todd Lubar continues to prove that innovations of savvy entrepreneurs bring about significant changes. He emphasizes that it is about time for people to adapt smart homes. Todd is an experienced real estate entrepreneur whose strategy is to link innovative technology trend with real estate sector. He also has a passion for continuous growth and technology. He advises entrepreneurs to accept changes in technology and adapt them since they are capable of bringing positive changes in the society.


Jose Auriemo Neto Exploring New Opportunities in Real Estate Sector for His Company JHSF

There are tremendous possibilities in the real estate industry for growth, and the Brazilian government is pushing for major reforms that are expected to be beneficial for the real estate sector. Until a few decades back, the real estate industry of Brazil was in bad shape. There was scarce credit, no investment and there was high sales cancellation that affected the entire industry and also the economy of the country.

There came a time when the top companies in the real estate industries had to take harsh decisions and expand their services. One of such company was JHSF that began exploring new ventures in the retail business. The decision was successful and helped save the entire real estate industry. After the first shopping complex built by JHSF became a hit, more companies started exploring this new found area. After that, the real estate industry in the country began to boom and created many opportunities for the companies to explore.

JHSF is run by Jose AuriemoNeto who is the current CEO and the Chairman of the company. He is one of those leaders who not only believe in their capability but also hire people with potential. He has an expert team working under him who is continuously looking out for opportunities that can benefit the company. By keeping their present clients happy, he ensures that he is dedicated towards their cause and allows them to benefit from them.

Jose Auriemo Neto has years of experience in the industry, but he is also not afraid to go beyond the books and try something that hasn’t been done before. Being inspired by the real estate industries of the developed nations, he has formed a partnership with international brands and brought them to Brazil. It was thought to be impossible as during that time none of these brands wanted to invest in a slow moving economy like Brazil. But, Jose Auriemo Neto changed everything.

Jose Auriemo Neto continues to attract foreign investors to Brazil and is also investing in large scale projects such as five-star hotels and resorts that are in huge demand in the country today. To know more about him clcik here.

José Auriemo Neto is the CEO of JHSF Participacoes SA

José Auriemo Neto is a big firm that has real estate assets in Brazil. It has several large projects in the Brazil. These are residential as well as commercial projects.

José Auriemo Neto looks after the operations of this firm. He manages the complete portfolio of the company. It is under his leadership that JHSF has managed to build several high-end properties. These include hotels, office blocks and so on. There are several notable real estate developments by this company. These include Cidade Jardim which is a shopping complex that is located in San Paulo. Next is Metro Tucuruv, and the Ponta Negra shopping Centre that is based in Manaus. Another is the Great Bela Vista which is situated in Salvador.

There are several other multi-billion dollar projects being developed by the company across Brazil. These are being looked after by José Auriemo Neto.

He has also led his company into signing many profitable agreements in retail with several other companies. In 2009, an agreement was signed between JHSF Participacoes SA, and renowned international brands like Gucci, Hermes, along with Jimmy Choo. As per this agreement, these leading brands would open their retail outlets in the grand and highly luxurious Cidade Jardim Shopping Complex that is owned by JHSF.

Basically, José Auriemo Neto is able to identify opportunities easily. He is an expert in developing strategies about how to gain maximum output from these opportunities.

Also, JHSF Participacoes has entered into business partnership with Valentino. This allows JHSF the opportunity to open as well as run Brazil’s first ever R.E.D Valentino outlet.

He has a strong academic background. This is why José Auriemo Neto is able to run ventures in a successful manner. He studied at the Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado University that is located in Sao Paulo. He started his career with JHSF in 1993. He also entered into the service industry. His company has built Parkbem. This is a parking space for motorists where they have to park in their lots. It provides maximum security to these cars. This way José Auriemo Neto enhanced revenues for JHSF Participacoes.


Nathaniel Ru & Sweetgreen’s Is Pulling The Community Together One Restaurant At A Time

Nathaniel Ru and some of his senior friends from Georgetown University recognized a need for more healthy and nutritious food options in the area. Besides offering healthy food they also wanted to provide an environment that was “fun and easy.”

They came up with Sweetgreen! Their first location was on M street, but obtaining it wasn’t an easy process. They constantly called the landowner of the lot pursuing an opportunity to speak in person and share their concept.

When they finally had the opportunity to meet with the landowner, they expressed interest if Nathaniel Ru and his friends could come up with more financial backing and an architect. They did just that, and within a few weeks they were able to enact their vision.

It’s been many years since Sweetgreen opened and they have expanded all around the country, including Philadelphia, Boston, Washington, and New York.

They have expanded on the theory that customers don’t just buy the product, they are buying what they do. They offer an amazing selection of delectable fresh foods, where the ingredients are provided by local small farmers.

After experiencing some set backs at their Dupont Circle location, they came up with the idea to combine music and food. They now offer live concerts to enjoy while consuming high quality food. The event ended up being named, Sweetlife, and has to lead to a lifestyle change in many of their customers.

Customers who purchase food with their app lead to benefits for the community; after $100 is spent they join “green status” which connects some of the income to improve food choices in schools, and also helps educate children on responsible food decisions.

Their Washington D.C. location has hosted yoga classes, which lead to a connection between their restaurant’s and local gyms and lifestyle classes.

Their biggest goal is to leave customers better off than when they arrived. They have definitely proved that time and time again. Their business model is constantly evolving to meet the health needs of their consumers, whether it’s food or just a relaxing environment to de-stress in.

According to Crunchbase, Nathaniel Ru has created an environment and dynamic that can’t be met by other chain stores like Chipotle and Sweet Tomatoes. They are a salad bar, but the entire restaurant has a very clean and cheerful feeling that rivals the other large chains they are competing against. There are clean lines smoothing the ambiance out, and the kitchen is wide open for viewing. Nathaniel Ru believes that the customers ability to see the ingredients and workers processing the food creates trust and excitement with their customers.

When Nathaniel Ru and his team collaborated over the app to make ordering easier, they spent an enormous amount of time getting the right photographs of each item, and also allowing the app to mimic the in-store experience of creating your perfect dish. By using the app you get to skip the long lines of excited customers and go directly to your food.

Ru and his team make the effort to visit small local farms in a location they are interested in creating a Sweetgreen’s before locating a plot of land. They are dedicated to working with local farmers instead of large corporations producing vegetables in an unhealthy way.

They do this so that they can understand what produce is available to create dishes with. Ru expresses excitement when he finds new vegetable varieties that are harder to find or unavailable in other locations. This business methodology pulls the community together and is proving inspirational to new entrepreneurs entering the industry.

OSI Group and Its Strategies in Becoming the Leader in Food Processing Industry

OSI Group, an Illinois-based food and meat processing firm, has expanded its business across the world and created a quality-oriented customer base for it with some innovative strategies. Currently, the company is considered as the leader in food processing industry and has a presence in 17 countries with operations from at least 65 facilities. The achievement of OSI Group can be summarized with some timely decisions and strategies during the phase of its growth. It should be noted that the firm was just the meat supplier of McDonald’s until the mid-70s. From the 80s, the company started focusing on clients as well and expanded its distribution beyond the United States.

Post the 90s, OSI Group changed its strategy to acquisition for expanding the network and providing high-value service to the customers. Many of its recent acquisitions show that the firm is trying to retain its leadership in food processing industry with diverse product offerings. In June 2016, the company bought a Tyson Foods plant located in Chicago to ensure the infrastructure support for the envisioned business growth of the firm. In August 2016, the food processing company acquired Baho Food, a leading Dutch supplier of meat products. “The deal would give a wider presence for OSI in Europe,” said David McDonald, the Chief Operating Officer and President of OSI. Click here to know more.

In December last year, OSI Group went for another purchase and bought Flagship Food Group, a U.K.-based frozen poultry, sauces, mayonnaise, and dressings supplier. It is considered as another strategic move that expands the number of brands and line of product offerings under the group. Currently, the firm has the presence in North America, Asia-Pacific region, and Europe, and offers products include bacon, meat patties, hot dogs, fish, pork, pizza, vegetable, poultry, and dough products. The U.K. division of the firm recently received Globe of Honour Award – 2016 presented by the British Safety Council for the excellent management of various environmental risks.