Waiakea Water’s Social Media Followers Get a Free Ticket to Wanderlust Yoga Festival

In January 2017, Waiakea Water gave its social media followers a rare opportunity to attend a fully paid Wanderlust Yoga Festival. One lucky follower would get the chance to have a mind-blowing experience to enjoy the Hawaiian beauty and attend the Wanderlust Yoga Festival, which would take place from 23rd-26th February.

The Wanderlust Yoga Festival was expected to feature live music, sustainable and local food, guided outdoor ventures, meditation, and globally recognized yoga instructors. Learn more about Waiakea water: http://www.foodnavigator-usa.com/Manufacturers/Meet-the-entrepreneur-behind-Waiakea-Hawaiian-volcanic-water

The platform named #FollowYourFlow contest would give the winner a round-trip flight to Oahu and get a free airfare of $1,000 from Skyscanner.

The contest, which ended on January 31st, was well received by the yoga community. According to one of the prominent yogi and social media influencer, such an initiative brings synergy between the yoga community and Waiakea water.

About Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water

According to Global News Wire, Waiakea water is one of the best-bottled water in the United States. In 2017, it was ranked as the best water brands by the 10 Best Water. The water originates from rain and snow melt on the Big Island’s Mauna Loa Volcano.

The water then undergoes a 14,0000ft of natural filtration through porous volcanic rocks. The filtration process produces naturally alkaline, electrolyte-rich and delicious water. The firm was founded in 2012, and in less than three years, the company’s revenue had grown by 4000%.

PR News Wire believes that the Waiakea Springs product is globally known for its sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging. It is sourced from an aquifer with a recharge rate of 1.4 billion gallons. Moreover, 33% of the energy used during packaging is renewable.

The packaging is made with 100% recycled polyethylene materials, which consume 85% less energy as compared to other bottlers. The manufacturing process is green and reduces carbon emissions by over 90% compared to other beverage companies.

Waiakea water is also involved in charitable causes. For every bottle of water sold, the firm donates 65ml of clean water to disadvantaged communities. To date over 1.35 million impoverished people have benefited with more than 500 million liters of water.

Equities First Holdings: Providing Liquidity at Your Convenience

What does Equities major in?

Instability in the economies of many countries has resulted in many business closing. In addition, lack of sufficient capital by many enterprises has led them to be stagnant in their development. Equities First, is a company that focusses on providing alternative funding to businesses and high net worth individuals all over the world.

Equities first provide on- purpose capital to individual investors and companies. Non- purpose capital is a type of loan that uses pledged security, investment portfolio, as collateral for the given loans.This kind of loan allows business persons to use the capital provided as they want with the exemption of using it to trade for securities.

This loan also has a much lower interest rate compared to the other traditional loan services such as loans provided by banks. Due to this, Equities first has been able to provide loans to investors and business that amount to almost 1.4 billion dollars.

Benefactors of Equity

Individual investors with high net worth enterprise business have benefitted from this loan services. Equity first has efficiently developed its loan services with attractive terms. The cost of capital is much lower compared to other loan- lending institutions. The loans are also availed to the investors at a much faster rate. This provides investors with the right amount of capital to carry out their day to day business operation at the right time and more information resume him.

Although it is located in Indianapolis in the United States of America, Equity first has been able to provide loans to companies and investors all over the world. It has offices in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Thailand, Switzerland, and Australia. Through these offices, Equity first has been able to offer liquidity to most companies and investors efficiently. Currently, it boasts of over 600 financial transactions done since its inception and other click here.

Lime Crime: Empowering Makeup In Crazy Sensual Shades

The first thing you notice when you meet Doe Deere is her love of bold color. Whether it’s her now lavender locks, vibrant feminine fabrics or beautiful doll makeup, she turns heads.


The Russian born businesswoman sat down with GuestofaGuest.com to talk about her steady climb to the top in the super competitive cosmetics industry. There she was, a young New York City transplant who had the nerve, fearlessness and drive to launch her own makeup company Lime Crime as a young adult.


Doe Deere knew that the giant companies had controlled the makeup looks and attitudes for decades now, but she saw an open category that no cosmetics label was filling, so she just went full steam ahead.


She was always a creative soul with a whimsical nature and enjoyed playing with bright colors as a young girl. She loved beauty and fashion and even developed an entrepreneurial spirit at an early age, selling classmates temporary tattoos at 13.


Doe Deere was surprised she couldn’t find much vivid makeup while living in a huge city like NYC. It was then, that she planned a way to develop her independent brand. Lime Crime offers makeup in the wildest and sexiest colors imaginable. It is those unique color palettes that have won Doe Deere a large global community. Obsessed makeup fans share her love of edgy cosmetics, and Lime Crime is becoming a cult favorite.


At the moment, Lime Crime’s Instagram page boasts more than 2.8 million followers and growing like wildfire. Women and men alike, are attracted to luscious liquid matte lipsticks in shades of blue, green, yellow, gray, orange, burgundy, black, etc.


Doe Deere is computer savvy and understands the value in social media interaction. She’s had much success creating her brand on e-commerce, which maintains cutthroat competition. Doe Deere feels equipped and safe to forge ahead with her husband Mark in her corner. The pair met when Doe Deere joined a band in NYC, as she pursued other creative endeavors.


Beige traditional cosmetics will always have their seat at the makeup vanity, but Doe Deere knows that other women share her zest for life with in your face cosmetics that feature quality pigments and sexy details. Lime Crime offers dazzle, naughtiness and makeup that empowers whomever puts it on. The modern lipsticks, shadows and liners are so bold, you make a statement, your own definition of beauty.


Read more at http://guestofaguest.com/los-angeles/interview/interview-lime-crimes-doe-deere-on-how-to-make-your-dreams-come-true.




How Invest Or Start A Business For Financial Success

Are you searching for a great way to invest your money? Do you want to build a highly profitable business and reach your financial goal?

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Whether you have started a business and need a way to take it to the next level or you are trying to learn stock trading secrets for success, one resource that you definitely need is VTA Publications. This astounding company published expert books and courses on business, finance, investing and wealth building.

Jim Hunt VTA Publications, a well known author and creator of top information products, has a course called Wealth Wave.

Jim Hunt has mastery of the industry and has been teaching others how to follow in his footsteps and attain financial freedom. Jim Hunt VTA Publications has created a vast range of training programs, books and other information materials that are being used by thousands across the globe.

As a stock trader you will need to have knowledge of trading a variety of securities, and that’s where an experienced professional can help. The investments on prnewschannel.com that are often involved in the stock trading field include stocks, bonds, futures, warrants, stock options and also precious metals. If you’re going to trade for a living it is imperative that you have a good understanding of how to be profitable and generate an income.

Be sure to keep away from pessimists, and create a positive environment, which will enable you to stay motivated and move toward your goal.

Take the time to check out Jim’s courses and training and you’ll certainly gain the knowledge you need to become a successful stock trader, or to start a highly lucrative business.

Sam Tabar Has Advice for American Parents

Sam Tabar is the Administrative Officer at the New York City CFO Awearable Apparel Inc. He has made his lawyer reputation through The Bank of America among many other organizations.

Apart from being a prominent attorney, Tabar is also a chief strategist who invests in business developments such as the Meagher and Flom LLP. He has additionally executed and designed strategic marketing plans for various large family offices and institutional investors.

After his graduation from Oxford University with an honors degree, he went on to the Columbia Law School where he worked as an Editorial member of the Columbia Business Law Review.

He has also worked with the Skadden before leaving for Hong Kong to serve as the budding legal career leader at the Hong Kong-based Sparx Group Companies.

Tabar’s Article in the Huffington Post

Sam showed his worry about parent’s financial security in his recent article at the Huffington Post. He considers that it is expected of parents to desire the best for their child. Tabar sees the need for parents to assist their children throughout their adulthood.

Sam Tabar worries about the correct time at which parents should stop paying for their children’s bills. Tabar has noticed that most parents sacrifice their financial wellness to help their matured children prosper. He wonders whether if some parents have sufficient retirement savings.

The famous CEO advises parents who support their children to take real measures and keen considerations on retirement risks. He agrees that some parents could be prepared for their retirement financial stability and might not be risking their financial security when they assist their children.

He thinks that children should be able to utilize their already established savings to pay for their expenses.

Parents should consider their financial situation when children have a steady income. Parents should hold discussions with their children and help them figure out how to achieve their new financial responsibilities. According to Angel.co, Sam Tabar concludes that parents do not need to risk their financial health when their children can support themselves.

Fast Company Sheds Light on How EOS’ Lip Balm Ended Up Dominating Markets

Beauty fanatics and non-fans alike knew about Chapstick’s lip balms for over a hundred years. When walking around the supermarket shelves or drug stores, you could be so quick to spot the cylindrical tube, with alternative flavors of cherry and mint for people who did not love the “original” piece. Although people had become accustomed, it was not to last longer, as a true Evolution of Smooth was to get splashed all over the media.

The brand, commonly known as EOS (https://evolutionofsmooth.com/lip-balm.html), begun popping into the apparently saturated market, and seemed to dominate. They also came with a broad range of natural flavors, probably a reason why they took over the Walgreens, Target and Walmart supermarket shelves. At some point, famous celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Christina Aguilera were spotted using the products, a sign of full embracement.

Incredible Growth Realized by EOS so Far

The Lip Balm company’s leadership disclosed that company creation cost them $250million, and the markets created as at now are worth the bargain. Currently, the brand sells over a million pieces in a week. It has also risen to take the position of the second-best selling company nationwide. With the current trend, the company projects to have grown its markets to $2 billion by 2020, which is bound to be.


The conception of EOS lip balm was by a trio comprising of Mehra, Jonathan, and Craig. They joined up and thought of how they could revamp the oral care industry. They had all had adequate experience in some of the highly regarded companies in the nation. On evaluating, they realized that most products saturating the markets were as old as their decade-old predecessors. Although most of the brands competed by regulating price, they pioneered something whose quality was outstanding, hence the quick popularization.


Securus Stops In-prison Crime With Technology

Prisons are bad places. They are not only bad because they house convicted criminals, but they are bad because prisons have become environments rich with crime. That’s right, prisons have an internal problem with crime, but the crime isn’t just being committed by the criminals. Prison guards are also the perpetrators of crime within in the prison system.


One of the most common examples of crime happening inside the prison is contraband. Drugs and alcohol are highly sought after products inside of a prison, and there is big business for these products within the prison society. These products need to be illegally introduced to the prison environment, and that is where the prison guards come in. Corrupt guards are often found to be the importers of contraband. They do this in order to turn an illegal profit.


Prison facilities are often tightly knit communities. These communities tend to have very strong unspoken laws, and one of the most important unspoken laws is “you do not snitch.” it is very difficult to get anyone on the inside of a prison to serve as a witness against a crime. This makes catching prison criminals very difficult.


But there is a technology company that is trying to change all of that. Securus Technologies is a company that provides telecommunication services to prisons and jails all across the country. The company services some 1.2 million prisoners. The company also serves the families of those prisoners.


Securus innovates ways to assist law enforcement through the implementation of their technologies. They allow law enforcement to listen in on phone calls and video chats. The company also innovates new services every week that helps law enforcement get critical information. These services have identified and stopped many in-prison crimes for the facilities that they service. Crime has dropped in those facilities.


Ricardo Tosto: Benefits of Hiring a Business Litigation Lawyer

The business world is expanding rapidly, and managing all the tasks including planning and meeting the legal requirements to run any business enterprise and complying with all the legal regulations can become pretty difficult for businesses and entrepreneurs. This makes a business or corporate law attorney a vital professional to help business run effectively.

An experienced legal adviser will offer a plethora of legal services that will help your company run smoothly. A lawyer’s role may be important right from the setting up of a company. Hence, if you are thinking that until you are sued, you need not get a legal representative, you are probably wrong.

However, hiring a legal adviser or lawyer beforehand, makes certain that you run your business lawfully and meet all the required regulations.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a powerful advocate and will fight ferociously for what is right. Ricardo Tosto represents business enterprises and individuals in a wide variety of complex conflicts or disputes, establishment deals and personal litigation cases. Ricardo Tosto believes strongly that access to top notch legal services should not be dictated by how much money you have.

Ricardo Tosto focuses on corporate law, business law and litigation. With many years of experience in the industry, whether in the context of negotiation or court trial, Mr Ricardo Tosto has good understanding of the benefit of communicating complex legal arguments with clarity.

Ricardo Tosto listens to his client’s needs and give their circumstance the attention it deserves. Mr Ricardo Tosto will sit down and discuss your scenario before coming up with the right strategy to address the situation.

More visit: http://globoplay.globo.com/v/3436363/

Planned Investment Strategies and Wealth Solutions With Richard Blair in Austin, Texas

Based out of Austin, Texas, Wealth Solutions is a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm created with the goal of protecting, growing, and managing client assets. Founded by Richard Blair, who has vast experience and certifications in CAS, CES, RICP, and CFS, the firm is set on providing wealth management and retirement planning services to its clients.

Richard believes that everyone should have a solid plan in order to achieve their financial goals. Wealth Solutions follows a three pillar strategy to financial planning allowing for quick analysis of client financial situations. This unique strategy also enables Wealth Solutions to customize each plan specifically to the client.

Pillar 1 is designed to layout a client’s financial roadmap. With clear identification of strengths, risks, goals, and potential growth, the financial roadmap provides a vision to the client on where the overall plan is going.

Pillar 2 involves developing a long-term investment strategy. The strategy is customized based on a client’s liquidity and investment goals. Richard allocates and manages assets in a way that ensures maximum gains from a client’s portfolio. This strategy also minimizes losses when the market would otherwise have a negative impact on investments.

Pillar 3 factors insurance strategies into the mix. After establishing a client’s goals and strategies for success, Richard includes long-term and life insurance needs into the equation.

According to Creditor Weekly, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions seeks to make a difference in the lives of individuals and families. Wealth Solutions is an investment advisory firm based out of Austin, Texas. Richard’s family comes from a long line of teachers giving him firsthand insights as to how education provides both knowledge as well as confidence.

With a natural aptitude towards finance, Richard quickly utilized his skill set towards helping others with financial planning and investments. Soon after college, Richard founded his own independent firm with the goal of providing unbiased and objective information to his clients.

Through years of work, Richard has acquired a diverse background of knowledge in retirement planning. He specializes in educating his clients so that they may bridge the gap between retirement planning and living in retirement. He understands the common pitfalls and has developed unique strategies to overcome the obstacles many retirees face. Using this knowledge he is able to best provide his clients with advice allowing them to pursue a happy and successful retirement.

Getting To Know OSI Group

Tyson Foods, JBS and Cargill Meat Solution Corporation, to name a few, these are the companies that OSI Group competes with in the food industry. The company has its headquarters at 1225 Corporate Blvd Ste 300 Aurora, Illinois. Surprisingly enough, the firm has not changed its corporate headquarters since the year 1909 when the company was established.

In a recent study, OSI Group was ranked as the 58th largest privately owned company in the world. The company has embraced technology is an effort to become the best company in the food industry. For this reason, OSI Group has social media accounts where it keeps its customers up to date with the latest developments. With these accounts, it’s also possible to answer customers’ queries and complaints promptly.

OSI Group has a diverse menu that comprises of several products such as bacon, hot dogs, chicken nuggets as well as sausages and beef patties. The company also has other products like pork, vegetable products, and dough products. Since time immemorial, the company has acted as the largest meat supplier for the McDonalds. Some of the services that they specialize in include packaging, contract manufacturing as well as supply management. These services have enabled the company to establish over 65 production facilities that are spread over 17 countries.

In the Far East countries of China and Japan, OSI Group is known to supply meat to the western companies operating in these nations. These companies include the likes of Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza and Starbucks as well as Subway. Because of its environmental awareness, OSI Group has been recognized with several awards such as the management of health and safety risks. Some of their most notable plants are found in Geneva, Chicago, Riverside, California, and Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. They also have plants in Oakland, Iowa and West Jordan, Utah.

According to the Forbes, the OSI Group generated a revenue of $6. 1 billion in the year 2016. OSI is believed to have an employee base of around 20,000 people worldwide. Recently, OI Group announced that they had acquired the Baho Food. This is part of its global expansion as well as putting a mark in Europe. The company will be in charge of all operations but will allow the board and workers of this firm to remain on board. The chief executive officer and chief operating officer of this company is Sheldon Lavin and Sherry DeMeulenaure.