Ricardo Tosto: Benefits of Hiring a Business Litigation Lawyer

The business world is expanding rapidly, and managing all the tasks including planning and meeting the legal requirements to run any business enterprise and complying with all the legal regulations can become pretty difficult for businesses and entrepreneurs. This makes a business or corporate law attorney a vital professional to help business run effectively.

An experienced legal adviser will offer a plethora of legal services that will help your company run smoothly. A lawyer’s role may be important right from the setting up of a company. Hence, if you are thinking that until you are sued, you need not get a legal representative, you are probably wrong.

However, hiring a legal adviser or lawyer beforehand, makes certain that you run your business lawfully and meet all the required regulations.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a powerful advocate and will fight ferociously for what is right. Ricardo Tosto represents business enterprises and individuals in a wide variety of complex conflicts or disputes, establishment deals and personal litigation cases. Ricardo Tosto believes strongly that access to top notch legal services should not be dictated by how much money you have.

Ricardo Tosto focuses on corporate law, business law and litigation. With many years of experience in the industry, whether in the context of negotiation or court trial, Mr Ricardo Tosto has good understanding of the benefit of communicating complex legal arguments with clarity.

Ricardo Tosto listens to his client’s needs and give their circumstance the attention it deserves. Mr Ricardo Tosto will sit down and discuss your scenario before coming up with the right strategy to address the situation.

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Planned Investment Strategies and Wealth Solutions With Richard Blair in Austin, Texas

Based out of Austin, Texas, Wealth Solutions is a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm created with the goal of protecting, growing, and managing client assets. Founded by Richard Blair, who has vast experience and certifications in CAS, CES, RICP, and CFS, the firm is set on providing wealth management and retirement planning services to its clients.

Richard believes that everyone should have a solid plan in order to achieve their financial goals. Wealth Solutions follows a three pillar strategy to financial planning allowing for quick analysis of client financial situations. This unique strategy also enables Wealth Solutions to customize each plan specifically to the client.

Pillar 1 is designed to layout a client’s financial roadmap. With clear identification of strengths, risks, goals, and potential growth, the financial roadmap provides a vision to the client on where the overall plan is going.

Pillar 2 involves developing a long-term investment strategy. The strategy is customized based on a client’s liquidity and investment goals. Richard allocates and manages assets in a way that ensures maximum gains from a client’s portfolio. This strategy also minimizes losses when the market would otherwise have a negative impact on investments.

Pillar 3 factors insurance strategies into the mix. After establishing a client’s goals and strategies for success, Richard includes long-term and life insurance needs into the equation.

According to Creditor Weekly, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions seeks to make a difference in the lives of individuals and families. Wealth Solutions is an investment advisory firm based out of Austin, Texas. Richard’s family comes from a long line of teachers giving him firsthand insights as to how education provides both knowledge as well as confidence.

With a natural aptitude towards finance, Richard quickly utilized his skill set towards helping others with financial planning and investments. Soon after college, Richard founded his own independent firm with the goal of providing unbiased and objective information to his clients.

Through years of work, Richard has acquired a diverse background of knowledge in retirement planning. He specializes in educating his clients so that they may bridge the gap between retirement planning and living in retirement. He understands the common pitfalls and has developed unique strategies to overcome the obstacles many retirees face. Using this knowledge he is able to best provide his clients with advice allowing them to pursue a happy and successful retirement.

Getting To Know OSI Group

Tyson Foods, JBS and Cargill Meat Solution Corporation, to name a few, these are the companies that OSI Group competes with in the food industry. The company has its headquarters at 1225 Corporate Blvd Ste 300 Aurora, Illinois. Surprisingly enough, the firm has not changed its corporate headquarters since the year 1909 when the company was established.

In a recent study, OSI Group was ranked as the 58th largest privately owned company in the world. The company has embraced technology is an effort to become the best company in the food industry. For this reason, OSI Group has social media accounts where it keeps its customers up to date with the latest developments. With these accounts, it’s also possible to answer customers’ queries and complaints promptly.

OSI Group has a diverse menu that comprises of several products such as bacon, hot dogs, chicken nuggets as well as sausages and beef patties. The company also has other products like pork, vegetable products, and dough products. Since time immemorial, the company has acted as the largest meat supplier for the McDonalds. Some of the services that they specialize in include packaging, contract manufacturing as well as supply management. These services have enabled the company to establish over 65 production facilities that are spread over 17 countries.

In the Far East countries of China and Japan, OSI Group is known to supply meat to the western companies operating in these nations. These companies include the likes of Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza and Starbucks as well as Subway. Because of its environmental awareness, OSI Group has been recognized with several awards such as the management of health and safety risks. Some of their most notable plants are found in Geneva, Chicago, Riverside, California, and Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. They also have plants in Oakland, Iowa and West Jordan, Utah.

According to the Forbes, the OSI Group generated a revenue of $6. 1 billion in the year 2016. OSI is believed to have an employee base of around 20,000 people worldwide. Recently, OI Group announced that they had acquired the Baho Food. This is part of its global expansion as well as putting a mark in Europe. The company will be in charge of all operations but will allow the board and workers of this firm to remain on board. The chief executive officer and chief operating officer of this company is Sheldon Lavin and Sherry DeMeulenaure.

Securus Technologies helps families keep in touch

If you have ever had a loved one in prison, you know exactly how difficult it is to keep in touch regularly. I once had a neighbor that had a loved one in prison. It was a tough time for them and their family members. The correction facility was located several kilometers away. It would cost a lot of money to travel there frequently. The holiday seasons are also not the ideal times for these individuals. It is very difficult to balance the time of fun and enjoyment with visiting an inmate. For most of the time, I see that many people in correction facilities are usually left out.


Luckily, I discovered a video visitation program for inmates provided Securus. The visitation program came in the form of an advertisement on YouTube. Securus was advertising the benefits of video visitation. In one video a father was talking to his child through a video call. The father assisted in the waking of the child. He then watched the child walk down the stairs to open a gift prepared by him. The boy was very excited as he opened the gift box. The visitation program brought joy and excitement during Christmas. Families that otherwise felt separated during Christmas can feel a greater sense of unity.


People with loved ones in correction facilities have made good use of the video visitation system. I totally recommend the service to anyone because I think it is going to be highly beneficial. December marks a great holiday season. However, you can use the video program at any time of the year. The service has been especially useful because of the clarity and quality of the video. Video calls are of a standard quality but make you feel as though you are with the actual person and are talking to them.


If you have a loved in a correction facility, I think it is a good idea to consider using the program. You will find out that the company offers additional communication services. The cost for the video call is pretty much affordable. Securus has made it possible for the video call to be frequently made. All you have to do is to sign up for an account with the program, and you will have the video calling app. You will be able to use video call on your computer or mobile phone. Securus has advanced its communication services to better and improve the lives of its clients.



Bernardo Chua Melds Ancient Knowledge with Modern Business

Throughout his childhood, he split his time equally between the modern metropolises of Southeast Asia and the rural villages of central China. This gave him a strong appreciation for both the benefits of modern society and the ancient traditions of his native kinfolk, the Han people.

Bernardo Chua became particularly interested in the often underappreciated benefits of Chinese traditional medicine. Often dismissed or even derided by the West, Chinese herbal medicine was quite different than some other forms of folk medicine seen around the globe which relied on magic or other shaky foundations to work their healing power. In contrast to these, Chinese medicine was based primarily on real bioactive ingredients used in ways that had been developed and proven over thousands of years.

In many cases, practice of traditional medicine did, in fact, seem to lead to improved health and longevity. Chua knew that when dealing with a country such as China, with thousands of years of advanced civilization to its name, not to mention many fundamental inventions, its folkways cannot and should not be easily dismissed as shamanism or primitive superstition.

According to The Street, Bernado Chua’s genius lay in his ability to see the most potent elements of Chinese folk medicine and adapt those for people’s modern lifestyles in a way that would appeal not just to Asians but to everyday Americans, Germans or Latinos. He zeroed in on an ancient remedy, a mushroom called Ganoderma, that he recognized as having potent bioactive compounds.

Today, its effects are being widely studied and developed for the treatment of ailments including cancer, liver fibrosis, autoimmune disorders, hypercholesterolemia and even certain infections.

Chua founded his company, Organo, as a means to distribute Ganoderma-based products to a global consumer base. His company, an innovative a multi-level marketing conglomerate, counts over 1,000,000 distributors among its ranks and sells everything from coffees to teas to food items that harness the powerful bioactive healing effects of this natural miracle drug.

Chua is dedicated to continue bringing the protective and salutary benefits of Chinese herbal medicine to a broader audience to make the world a healthier place.

New Brunswick Sees New Apartment Complex Open Up

The City of New Brunswick, New Jersey has gotten a new multi family development. It is called the Quincy. Located at 120 Nielsen Street, the Quincy has easy access to public transportation. This includes both local and commuter NJ Transit buses as well as NJ Transit commuter rail. For people who do not use public transit, easy access to major highways such as State Routes 18 and 27 make driving to work by car easy. Connections to Interstate Highways 95 and 287 are also done easily via the state routes.


Here is what you will find in the living amenities at the Quincy. Studio apartments and 1 and 2 bedroom units are available to rent. The Quincy is a rental property and not a condo property that is owned by individual owners. It is perfect for people new to the area or looking to settle down in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Real hardwood floors are found in all the units, with tiles in the bathrooms and kitchen. Stone counter tops round out the amenities and are another classy feature to the Quincy.


Worried about finding parking?  A rooftop pool complete with recliners provides an avenue for relaxation during the summer. You will also be able to enjoy views of the surrounding area in Middlesex County. To schedule a tour of the Quincy call 732.284.4040 or visit the leasing office located at 303 George St., Suite 102 New Brunswick NJ 08901.


A pizza delivery driver robbery in Dayton, New Jersey is wrongly associated with the Quincy development in New Brunswick. It occurred on November of 2012. This was four years before the apartment opened up its doors to renters. The Dayton, NJ pizza delivery driver robbery occurred on a street address called Quincy Circle. Local police quickly caught the suspects after tracing calls made to the delivery driver on the day of the pizza robbery.


Another incident wrongly associated with the new Quincy apartment development is a shooting at the New Brunswick Apartments. This is an apartment complex southeast of the Quincy, that is also in New Brunswick. An incident occurred there on Commercial Avenue that left one man wounded. He had to be taken to the hospital. The shooter was not caught.

A Look At The Career Of Alexandre Gama

Alexandre Gama studied at the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation, an elite private higher academic institution located in the Higienópolis district of Sao Paulo, Brazil. He graduated from the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation with a bachelors degree in advertising and communications. The first job that Alexandre Gama held was as a copy writer and creative designer at Brazilian advertising agency, Ogilvy & Mather in 1982.

There he worked as a copywriter and obtained the higher position of creative director. At DM9 Alexandre Gama’s brilliance was highly visible with him becoming the most highly awarded Brazilian copywriter at the time.

Other companies that Alexandre Gama has worked for include Almap BBDO and Young & Rubicam. At Almap BBDO he become a shareholder and also held the position of executive creative director. Young & Rubicam appointed him as its chief executive officer, chief creative officer and a member of its global operations board.

Alexandre Gama would leave both Almap BBDO and Young & Rubicam to found his own advertising agency in 1999.

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IAP WORLDWIDE has been serving numerous clients, partners, and even employees and employers for numerous years. It does not plan to change that any time soon. No, for more progress and ascension are what the company has in mind….as should any and all a great organization.

Allow me to put it in a small nut shell for you. IAP WORLDWIDE is here to stay. Their methods and their values and their history and their quality and success have gone far above and beyond the call of duty, giving the company the unique name of INGENUITY AND PURPOSE….which is what this company on the whole stands for and represents. Not to mention, this is what the letters I, A, and P in IAP WORLDWIDE stand for. Does a light bulb turn on now in your brain? Good, let it stay that way….for this company and its one of a kind executives are here to play and here to stay. Let it be that way! Try them today!

Would you like to hear more about this great global company and its work? I thought you might. Thus I would like to add that:
“Everyone at IAP is personally committed to our customers, our partners, and each other. We welcome creativity, prize integrity, and celebrate the contributions of each individual. IAP respects and values each person’s unique experience — from the corporate administrator to the veteran employee….”

IAP WORLDWIDE on the whole stands by four main values which are core to their every movement, operation, and action as a global initiative leader company. Would you like to know that these are as well? I am sure glad you asked…..

FOCUS, AGILITY, COMMITMENT, AND CAPABILITIES (though not always necessarily in that order) are what IAP WORLDWIDE stands by and stands for, making it both truly well defined and uniquely successful in all of its efforts. Without focus, goals may not always be fully realized or come in to full fruition; thus as you can see, focus itself is an important and crucial factor. Without agility, tasks will not be accomplished as quickly….and neither will service and income. Commitment is an enormous aspect of success, which without it can not be a true part.

Get Money Out Of Your Car From Ignition Financial

When many people purchase their automobiles, they will finance the purchase. This simply means that instead of paying the full price for the car all at once, they stretch it out by making payments. This means that they will pay extra in the way of interest, but that is easier than coming up with the money at one time.


In many cases, people do not do the math on the interest they are paying because if they can afford the monthly payments, everything is ok. However, they do not always get the best deal, and they wind up paying a lot more than they should.


There is a new company in town who can help change things for the better. In fact, Ignition Financial out of Austin, Texas has people shouting, “slash my payments” and let’s get it done now! In other words, it is possible to refinance the loan on your automobile under certain circumstances.


It is important, first of all, to understand how most financing deals work in the auto industry. The money that finances cars comes from banking interests and lenders.


The competition if very fierce among the lenders, and they have to have some incentives to win the business of the auto dealerships and used car industry. One way that is very common as far as incentives are concerned is to offer the dealership a piece of the pie. So what happens is that the lender establishes the “floor price.” This is where the basic interest rate starts. Then an additional spiff of some extra interest is available for the dealer, perhaps another 2% to 4%, and the dealer cashes in when the closing occurs.


Usually, when a situation like this occurs, the buyer ends up paying more interest than is necessary. If they buyer would have done business with his or her local bank or credit union, rather than the car dealership as far as financing, they would have been able to get a rate of interest close to the floor rate.


Consequently, Ignition Financial is able, in many cases, to refinance the entire finance package, which results in a much lower interest rate, which reduces car payments. This can lead to quite a nice savings and money is created that can be used for other things.

Bob Reina: The Goals Keep Growing

As Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion keeps growing, the goals are growing as well. He wants the company to keep helping people and keep, as he says, changing lives. That has been what the whole company has been about since they started in 2007. It has never changed. The only thing that has changed is he wants things to be bigger and better. So far, in 2016, they have won two awards for their advancements and improvements with Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is the video communications provider that is changing the way people live and changing how they view their outlook on life. They are able to do things they never thought were possible in the past.


Before Talk Fusion, people thought they could only work a regular job and they had no other choice in the matter. They had to suck it up and deal with it, even if they hated their job and had a nasty boss. That is a rough position for someone to be in, without question. It makes them feel very uncomfortable and like they are trapped in their own lives.


Bob Reina is giving them back control as now, people can start up their own business and do whatever they see fit with all of the tools that Talk Fusion offers such as video chat, for example. They can video chat with anyone from anywhere in the world, regardless of location. When it comes to video newsletters, they can send out a video newsletter to everyone informing them about the latest advancements in their business. For example, if their business is being a food critic, they can alert people to new reviews they have on meals they have tried out and recipes they have come up with working on this. They can develop quite a big following, without question.


Another positive is that Bob Reina is constantly giving back such as his record-breaking donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society.