Quality Of Care: Sussex Healthcare And Amanda Morgan-Taylor

When it comes to healthcare and healthcare systems, compliance is also at the forefront of everyone’s mind. All of these healthcare systems want to help patients get the quality of care that they need, but they also have to worry about making sure that everything is “up to code” in order to stay in business. There have been several horror stories about elder care and dementia care facilities letting their residents live in squalid conditions because they do not know any better. Luckily, Sussex Healthcare and their new CEO Amanda Morgan-Taylor are making sure that something like that will never happen at their facilities.

Amanda Morgan-Taylor has an excellent track record for quality. She has worked in the healthcare field since 1986 when she became a Mental Health Nurse. There she learned that sometimes individual complexes or healthcare homes do not always follow the rules. They skip out on meals or take shortcuts to try to save money. That is when Morgan-Taylor became heavily involved in the quality of care that patients were receiving. She quit as a nurse and started to manage her own homes. She was appointed as the Head of Audit at one of the healthcare systems she worked at, where she was responsible with finding and reporting any breaks in compliance. At that same location, she was made the Director of Quality Development. In these roles, Morgan-Taylor has helped to reshape what it means to run a healthcare system.

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Sussex Healthcare has also had a track record for quality care. Starting business in 1985, this company has been providing quality healthcare for over 30 years to its residents. Starting with only one home, there are now over 20 homes under the Sussex Healthcare umbrella, and there are over 600 beds available to its residents. This company focuses mainly on dementia, learning disabilities, and end-of-life care. That is why quality is so important to everyone involved.

With her ability to find quality issues and her history of working in management positions that are focused on quality, Sussex Healthcare brought Amanda Morgan-Taylor onboard to ensure that their quick growth and restructuring does not affect patient care or quality. They want to make sure that everyone is taken care of and shortcuts are not taken at their own facilities as a result of new rules and new regulations. Based on her record, Morgan-Taylor and Sussex Healthcare will work well together to bring patients the care and quality of life that they need.

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