Securus Stops In-prison Crime With Technology

Prisons are bad places. They are not only bad because they house convicted criminals, but they are bad because prisons have become environments rich with crime. That’s right, prisons have an internal problem with crime, but the crime isn’t just being committed by the criminals. Prison guards are also the perpetrators of crime within in the prison system.


One of the most common examples of crime happening inside the prison is contraband. Drugs and alcohol are highly sought after products inside of a prison, and there is big business for these products within the prison society. These products need to be illegally introduced to the prison environment, and that is where the prison guards come in. Corrupt guards are often found to be the importers of contraband. They do this in order to turn an illegal profit.


Prison facilities are often tightly knit communities. These communities tend to have very strong unspoken laws, and one of the most important unspoken laws is “you do not snitch.” it is very difficult to get anyone on the inside of a prison to serve as a witness against a crime. This makes catching prison criminals very difficult.


But there is a technology company that is trying to change all of that. Securus Technologies is a company that provides telecommunication services to prisons and jails all across the country. The company services some 1.2 million prisoners. The company also serves the families of those prisoners.


Securus innovates ways to assist law enforcement through the implementation of their technologies. They allow law enforcement to listen in on phone calls and video chats. The company also innovates new services every week that helps law enforcement get critical information. These services have identified and stopped many in-prison crimes for the facilities that they service. Crime has dropped in those facilities.


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    There is no doubt that instead of the prisons to reform the inmates, it has worsen the characters of these inmates. To combat this as written by thesis help online, Scuurus has stepped in with ways to assist with law enforcement. It is a step in the right direction for securus technologies.

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