Securus Technologies helps families keep in touch

If you have ever had a loved one in prison, you know exactly how difficult it is to keep in touch regularly. I once had a neighbor that had a loved one in prison. It was a tough time for them and their family members. The correction facility was located several kilometers away. It would cost a lot of money to travel there frequently. The holiday seasons are also not the ideal times for these individuals. It is very difficult to balance the time of fun and enjoyment with visiting an inmate. For most of the time, I see that many people in correction facilities are usually left out.


Luckily, I discovered a video visitation program for inmates provided Securus. The visitation program came in the form of an advertisement on YouTube. Securus was advertising the benefits of video visitation. In one video a father was talking to his child through a video call. The father assisted in the waking of the child. He then watched the child walk down the stairs to open a gift prepared by him. The boy was very excited as he opened the gift box. The visitation program brought joy and excitement during Christmas. Families that otherwise felt separated during Christmas can feel a greater sense of unity.


People with loved ones in correction facilities have made good use of the video visitation system. I totally recommend the service to anyone because I think it is going to be highly beneficial. December marks a great holiday season. However, you can use the video program at any time of the year. The service has been especially useful because of the clarity and quality of the video. Video calls are of a standard quality but make you feel as though you are with the actual person and are talking to them.


If you have a loved in a correction facility, I think it is a good idea to consider using the program. You will find out that the company offers additional communication services. The cost for the video call is pretty much affordable. Securus has made it possible for the video call to be frequently made. All you have to do is to sign up for an account with the program, and you will have the video calling app. You will be able to use video call on your computer or mobile phone. Securus has advanced its communication services to better and improve the lives of its clients.



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