Securus Technologies Promising a Secure Inmates’ Communication

You or anyone you know has probably been a victim to this, calls, texts, or threats from inmates. Crimes being committed by inmates behind bars has now become very common. Cases of people being attacked or threatened by inmates have been reported worldwide, and this means that there has been a breach of security and the concerned bodies need to deal with this issue immediately.


For more than seven years, Robert Johnson, a former worker at Lee Correctional Centre located in South Carolina has been preaching about why it is essential to control how and when inmates use their phones while in prison. Apparently, Johnson’s work at the correction center was to confiscate contraband. It appears that Johnson’s good job rubbed someone on the wrong side and the person decided to revenge by hiring hitmen to attack Johnson in his home. Luckily for Johnson, he cheated death by a whisker with multiple gun wounds in his stomach and his chest. Johnson’s attack was planned behind bars. Someone in prison had access to a mobile phone and was able to execute his evil plans. A few months after his attack, Johnson woke up to the shocking news of the death of a young kid, just nine months old, whose murder was ordered by a prisoner using contraband cell phones.


Such cases are not news anymore, they are happening every day, and it is for this reason that Securus Technologies came up with a way of trying to curb the activities of inmates while in prison. Securus Technologies is a communications firm whose primary role is to provide paid calls for prisoners. The company uses a Wireless Containment System or what is referred to as access phone detection system to stop or regulate what inmates can do with their phones.


Securus Technologies has plans of ensuring that, once a prisoner is put in jail, he/she can either use the firm’s device or their own devices to make contact but with approved people only. The calls will be secured and recorded to make sure that the inmate doesn’t engage in criminal activities while in prison. Securus Technologies understands the needs of allowing inmates to use their own devices as it will enable them to access essential contacts and information. However, it is still a concern on the need to have these devices controlled to ensure that the inmates only make contact with known or approved people and that the topic of discussion can be accessed by the firm or the prison authorities. Apart from providing communication services to prisoners, Securus Technologies also allows the inmates to have access to safe data such as books, movies, and music. Securus does this in a controlled manner to ensure that the inmates only get what the authorities deem fit.


What is clear is that, if prisoners’ access to mobile devices is limited, such sad cases of people like Johnson could be avoided. It is all about trying to protect the prisoners as well as the general public. Remember that, prisoners are still undergoing correction and exposing them to mobile devices or harmful content would cripple the correctional exercise.