Talk Fusion Puts a New Emphasis on Learning

Talk Fusion has earned their reputation as an innovative company. As such, it’s little surprise that the company has brought another new idea to the market. The most surprising part of the announcement relates to the target market. The new program, Talk Fusion University, isn’t a consumer facing service. One can expect the benefits of the program to eventually help customers. However, the main focus of Talk Fusion University is Talk Fusion affiliates. The program is the brainchild of Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina. He’s widely known as an innovative genius and he has the results to prove it. But Reina is adamant that success is something that can be taught. Learn more:


Reina is well known for his philanthropic and charitable endeavors. For example, he’s put considerable work into making sure the Talk Fusion platform can be a good match for charities. This time around he’s putting an emphasis on helping the people closest to him. To be sure, there’s a benefit for the company as well. The Talk Fusion University program is intended to take people from an average skill level right into the realm of the extrodinary. It’s easy to see the benefit that Talk Fusion will receive from having such a massive increase in their staff.


One of the most significant differences between Talk Fusion University and other programs with the same end goal is solid results. Reina is someone who was able to take an idea and turn it into a vastly successful company. It’s obvious that he knows what goes into success. The fact that he’s interested in sharing that knowlege should be seen as a rare chance to tap into a wellspring of creativity.


Evidence of that successful creative spirit can be seen with Talk Fusion itself. It was created back in 2007 at a time when multimedia was in a very messy state. Reina knew that that something needed to be done to compensate for the rapid fragmentation he was seeing within the telecommunications industry. He pushed against that trend by creating a fully unified multimedia platform. Today this platform is used by people in all walks of life. From people putting together marketing campaigns, to charities and even proud grandparents who want to keep in touch with their family. Talk Fusion has proven invaluable for people looking for ways to make their communication more vibrant and powerful.