Talk Fusion’s Creator Bob Reina Aims to Connect People

Communications company, Talk Fusion, just announced its newest edition of Live Meetings, a software program that gives businesses the power to communicate with clients through a seamless interface. The newest upgrades and features include real time communication options that give a user the ability to host live web meetings and conferences from anywhere in the world, and broadcast anywhere in the world. The biggest hurdle for most businesses is ensuring that everyone that is participating has a device that is capable, and software that is capable, creating issues across platforms. Talk Fusion eliminates the need for everyone to use something different, with this software everyone is in the same place at the same time. Learn more:


Talk Fusion’s founder, Bob Reina, created Talk Fusion to help give other business leaders the access to some of the most basic, but least provided tools. A complete and concise suite of communication tools was one of the most requested items by employees and employers. Through the software made available by Reina, thousands of brands, companies, and clients are able to easily and quickly conduct the day to day business and communication needed. As in his private life, Reina has created a business and product with the sole aim of improving the lives of those who use it.


Bob Reina and Talk Fusion share a common goal, to help and assist anyone and everyone who has a goal and wants to communicate it. Like his own desires to help others, Reina made Talk Fusion in that image, and now can proudly say he supports non-profit endeavors around the world. The products created with the brand are part of a culture of making things possible and getting work done, something Reina embraces throughout his personal life.