Todd Lubar- an Entrepreneur who is Passionate about Smart Homes

The millennial generation entrepreneurs differ from the prior definition of an entrepreneur which meant that you want to be your own boss. The millennial definition is about improving each other rather than being only interested in finances. One thing that both groups can agree on to be successful is the personality traits which are; persistence, dedication, inquisitiveness, transparency, and being ready for failure.

Todd Lubar is a millennial entrepreneur to emulate when it comes to Smart Homes. He believes that all homes will be smart homes. Smart homes come handy as a category of home furnishings and devices pair with smart devices which help the owner to control their home from any part of the world. This is important especially to the disabled since they can simply command electronics, for instance, control of temperatures, closing, and opening doors. Since Todd is based in Baltimore, he has turned unused structures into smart homes and living spaces.

Todd Lubar is currently serving TDL Global Ventures as its president. He is the senior president of Legendary Investment. Todd has been an asset to the company by ensuring that the firm increases its ability to rehabilitate, buy, sell, and make profits from different types of homes.

Todd Lubar studied at Syracuse University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication. His career debuted in 1995 in mortgage industry at Mortgage Corporation until 1999. See his profile on

Todd Lubar gained an equity role in Legacy Financial Group which helped him to grow financially by offering investors with broker loans. He then developed a passion for other business types like the recycling of scrap metal and commercial demolition.

Todd Lubar continues to prove that innovations of savvy entrepreneurs bring about significant changes. He emphasizes that it is about time for people to adapt smart homes. Todd is an experienced real estate entrepreneur whose strategy is to link innovative technology trend with real estate sector. He also has a passion for continuous growth and technology. He advises entrepreneurs to accept changes in technology and adapt them since they are capable of bringing positive changes in the society.